IBML Announces Next Generation of ImageTracs

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The Birmingham, AL-based high-speed document scanner manufacturer has released an updated version of its popular ImageTrac line. The 5000 series is the successor to the III and IV lines, which were launched a few years back, with the ImageTrac III, eventually renamed the 3, upgraded multiple times over the years. “The 3 has pretty much run its course,” acknowledged Derrick Murphy, president of IBML.

Yes, the 5000 series is slightly faster than the III and IV, rated at either 257 ppm or 429 ppm at 200 dpi, depending which version you choose. But, even though its scanners are very fast, IBML has always been about more than speed. And the new 5300 and 5400 models feature ergonomic and usability improvements as well. The new design also makes it less expensive for users to add sorting pockets in some cases. We’ll have more complete coverage on these new devices in our next premium edition of the newsletter.

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