Image Understanding

Digital image technology transformed the world of image science and the broadband networks allow for low latency transmission of images.  The cameras incorporated into mobile devices are capable of taking high quality images and transmitting them from any  site  with connectivity – instantly.  Worldwide there are now more imaging devices than there are people.

Image recognition can also be applied to object detection for medical applications.  Imaging science is being applied in banking for counterfeit bill detection.

Although many images captured are transient for social media and personal use,  images originating from mobile devices and other imaging systems have many potential business applications.  By applying pattern recognition supplemented by rules processing we have a very powerful technology to help automate transactional business processes.

HSA specializes in understanding the markets and usages for using pattern recognition combined with business rules to extract actionable information from various forms of media including digital images.  If you have an interest in market opportunities in this area please contact us via email Harvey Spencer Associates .

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