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Infosource Capture is focused on Capture 2.0 Services that enable organizations to interpret and understand incoming multichannel data and thus transforming them into information.

Infosource Capture 2.0 White Papers for download:

The Digital Workplace: Managing Your Content More Effectively

The digital workplace breaks down the barriers between people, processes, and technologies, empowering workers to increase productivity and advance innovation. It enables workers to use technology as they see fit and apply it to their jobs. The implications are not just on how people work but on the how organizations are structured and the culture that it is engendered. Companies today and in the future – regardless of their size or industry — require a digital workplace to achieve a competitive advantage.

Digital transformation with SAP is not just a buzzword. In order to effectively compete in a global fast moving economy, all businesses have to transform their methods and processes. The promise is better competitiveness, happier customers, fast efficient processes and analytic tools for better management. But change is challenging as we convert from legacy systems to a digital economy. Receiving and capturing information from paper, email attachments, fax and electronic transmissions continue to present challenges to all organizations.

Effective Capture is the First Step in Digital Transformation

Advanced Recognition unleashes information and opens up opportunities for organizations to improve operationally, provide enhanced customer experience and differentiate in the market place. It is said that “information is power” and now we have Advanced Recognition to harness that power. 

Patient Engagement and the Health Care Revenue Cycle

Healthcare costs continue to rise and the healthcare industry is under continuous pressure to improve quality and outcomes while reducing cost.  In order to accomplish this, there needs to be extensive communication between all parties, on the provider side, as well as the payer side.  Information availability is key to effective communication. Information coordination between administrative functions, medical staff, other healthcare systems is crucial. While healthcare insurance has been the primary source of health services revenue in the US, more responsibility for payment is falling on the patient or responsible party.  Coordinated communication is the key to successful patient engagement and healthcare revenue cycle management.


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