Why attend

CapServe  – HSA’s Service Provider Capture Summit is the premier conference for Service Providers and those that support this industry. In the changing world of Digital Transformation and Cloud Services, attendees will learn about the latest technologies, service delivery models and new opportunities, so they can best plan and position services to successfully compete in this dynamic market.

In many cases, attendees will be either the President/Owner, a member(s) of the Senior Management Team, Production Manager, Operations Manager or a combination of these individuals from a single company. Carefully constructed to foster both formal and informal networking opportunities, this event represents a rare opportunity to mix and mingle with decision makers without the distraction of the sales activity, noise and bustle of a trade show.

Who Should and Will Attend HSA CapServe 18?

  • Traditional service providers that grew up during the transformative years of microfilm, digital imaging, and ECM solutions who want to understand the impact, opportunities and risks afforded to them from the digital transformation and cloud services market.
  • Systems Integrators and VARs that are looking to expand outsourcing services, who have already added document conversion capabilities to their portfolio of products and services or who are looking for partners.
  • Facilities management companies that are being asked by their clients to add scanning, intelligent capture and post-processing services to the menu of the operations they manage for large global companies and organizations, to learn best practices on scanning paper documents and converting the images into intelligent information that will improve ECM, ERP, EMR and other line-of-business software applications through business process improvements.
  • Mail and paper companies who need to move into services with or without partners as their traditional business declines.
  • M&A companies who are being asked to identify service providers for their clients to acquire. This will be an excellent networking event to identify prospects that do not have the capital, expertise or desire to stay in this business. Many service providers are at a critical decision point in their company’s history and would welcome these conversations.
  • Office copier dealers/MFP resellers who are now selling networked devices and document imaging software. Many of these companies will be investigating an in-house document conversion service center or outsourced back file conversions based on customer’s requesting these services now that they can get day forward document imaging software from these companies.
  • Box storage companies and large regional providers of these services are now providing scanning-on-demand for many of their customers rather than delivering boxes back to the client. They are also in a strong position to do large document conversions with an installed base of loyal clients.
  •  Operations Managers and Production Managers who are tasked with the responsibility of delivering the outsourced document conversion services offered to their clients. We will a special workshop to show operations personnel how to cut costs, improve profits and how to hire the right type of employee that can do this type of work.

PLEASE NOTE – all conference materials for attendees will be distributed in ELECTRONIC format only.  There will be no paper distributed.  Attendees are welcome to run laptops or tablets during the course of the conference.  Wireless internet and power will be provided.

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