A Tale of Two Camps When it Comes to Information Management Maturity

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Silver Spring, Md., March 14, 2017 – As private and public organizations move to build out their information management ecosystems and digitally transform their operational processes, there is an emerging gap in progress according to new research by information management analysts, AIIM. For example, twenty-three percent of organizations have not even begun their digital journey.
The study, “2017 State of Information Management: Are Businesses Digitally Transforming or Stuck in Neutral?” asked respondents to assess their digital transformation status against several factors including paper reliance, use of multi-channel inbound capture, and the impact of digital transformation on individuals, business organizations, and operational processes.
At the same time that some organizations are aggressively leveraging their Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement to create sophisticated and automated information strategies, other organizations are struggling with simply reducing the amount of paper in their processes. “It’s almost a ‘tale of two cities’ with half of our respondents adopting a more forward thinking attitude toward competitive edge with collaboration/engagement efforts and the other half just concerned with greater efficiency and cost cutting”, said Bob Larrivee, Chief Analyst for AIIM.
The divide was evident on matters of mobile access where a full fifty-five percent were exploring the use of mobile IM applications. A similar number indicate that they are embracing content in the cloud at the enterprise level. Why are more not taking lead positions in relation to implementing new systems and processes that support mobile and remote access?
Who is driving these efforts? For thirty-nine percent of our respondents it is IT and IT services pushing for digital transformation, while for thirty-one percent, it is the corporate executives. Only ten percent indicate it is records management at the helm of their digital transformation journey.
There were a few points on which both camps were in alignment:

  • Seventy-one percent feel that email is still their big problem. The sense here is one of people remaining at the heart of the issue and a greater need for change management focused on re-educating the workforce on the impact email can have and the risks it represents;
  • When it comes to cloud, seventy-one percent say that without information governance in place, cloud will become just another chaotic mess like their file-shares.

2017 State of Information Management: Are Businesses Digitally Transforming or Stuck in Neutral?” was conducted in partnership with AI Foundry, ASG, Box, Hyland, K2, OpenText, and Systemware.
The full report, which includes a number of recommendations for progressing your Digital Transformation journey, is free to download at this link.

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