Ricoh plans to rebrand PFU scanners worldwide

Under the direction of PFU Limited, all image scanners from the Fujistu brand will be rebranded to the Ricoh brand starting April 2023. Affected products include the fi Series, the SP Series, and the ScanSnap Series. This change will affect the brand that appears on the machines’ screen-printed labels and

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Global Capture & IDP Vertical Market Analysis

KEY TAKEAWAYS Infosource develops the regional forecasts for the Capture & IDP market based on actual and historic end customer investments into traditional Capture Solutions as well as Capture-related offers from RPA vendors and native AI solutions. Globally the Finance Segment (including Banking and Financial Services as well as Insurance)

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State of the Global Capture & IDP Market 2021/2022

KEY TAKEAWAYS Globally end customer organisations invested over 5.5 Billion US$ into Capture and IDP solutions in 2021. The growth rates for Capture & IDP software and solutions accelerated in 2021 after a slight slowdown caused by the pandemic in 2020. The increased demand for Capture & IDP solutions and

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This one challenge dominates the African print industry today

  The dominant theme in Africa’s print industry is currently logistics and supply. Like the critical shortages we have seen in the chip industry, there simply is not enough stock of printers and much print-related equipment. An unfortunately typical example of challenges print suppliers face is the case of a

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Geneva, Switzerland – August 26, 2022 WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE RUSSIAN MARKET? 1. ECONOMY IN GENERAL, IMPACT OF SANCTIONS After several years of negative growth due to massive capital flight, the collapse of the ruble, and falling oil prices, the Russian economy returned in FY 2021 to substantial

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