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3 Useful Document Scanner Buying Tips, Plus Scanner or Copier?

As with any product, organizations can make mistakes when buying their document scanners. Jim Tamo, president of Visioneer, shares three tips to that will help anyone acquire the right device for them. He also points out that choosing an MFP (copier) over a document scanner isn’t a simple choice. As

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Ease of Use Rules! Trends in the Distributed Scanning Hardware Space

COVID had a large impact on the scanning hardware market, shifting purchases to smaller scanners that could be used by workers suddenly barred from the office. In this Two Question Tuesday, Barbara Richards, Senior Analyst, Hardware, Infosource, discusses this shift based on Infosource’s research. This quick video will give you

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If Network Scanning Is So Simple; Why Can It Be So Hard?

Network scanning is simple in concept, but don’t dismiss the underlying technology complexity. Nothing is ever simple. The premise of productivity in the IDP industry (going back to when it was just called capture, scanning, and/or document imaging) is a simple concept: take paper, remove the information you want from

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Network Scanning Is Here to Save You Time and Money

Raise your hand if you enjoy installing drivers. No one? Driverless network scanning — thin scanning — is here. It works. It’s secure. It can save you money. Kevin Neal ☁, both in his role as CEO of P3iD Technologies ☁ and as board member of the TWAIN Working Group understands thin scanning inside and

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Accounts Payable: The Eternal Low-Hanging Fruit of the IDP Industry

Another year and another round of products and marketing efforts focused around automating accounts payable (and accounting in general). In this Two Question Tuesday, Max Vermeir (Senior Director, Technology Product Markting for ABBYY) shares his perspective on how improving technology will begin to fulfil the decades-long promise of (almost) fully

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