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Impact of IDP on Business Growth – Customer Onboarding Use Case

By Petra Beck, Senior Analyst Capture Software We are often faced with questions like: How do we justify an investment in a Capture or Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution? What priority should an IDP project take compared to other digitalisation projects? Is there a tangible business impact from a top-line

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Do scanners need to evolve like MFPs in terms of security?

Increasingly sophisticated MFPs and the importance of security management By Shinichiro Oda, Regional Manager Infosource Japan Looking at Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) from the perspective of preventing information leaks, from a functional and operational standpoint, we know that there are significant risks associated with the operation of these devices. If the

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On June 9th, 2023, Imaging Business Machines LLC (ibml), a global market leader in high volume, mission-critical digitization, and intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions, announced the acquisition of Exela Technologies’ IntelliScan Smart Scanning Solutions. The acquisition provides ibml with an enhanced portfolio of products and expanded service coverage to meet

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The Hottest Industry for IDP – Our Second Two Question Tuesday

Fellow WhoDat Bob Fresneda is President of US Operations for TCG Process. In our second Two Question Tuesday video series, Bob answers which industry is hot-to-trot for IDP and what the most popular applications are. Regardless, many have one thing in common: improving the customer experience. Not an NFL fan?

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Microservices: A Quick Explanation of What It Is and Why It Matters [Video]

Going tiny to go big. Have you heard about microservices yet? You probably have. If not, you will. Gartner’s definition of a microservice: a service-oriented application component that is tightly scoped, strongly encapsulated, loosely coupled, independently deployable and independently scalable. In our inaugural “Two Question Tuesday” series, we spoke with

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