This is how Covid-19 is reshaping the office equipment industry

Infosource research reveals more reliance on tools and processes that automate and orchestrate digital business and our recommendations will help vendors, channel partners, and end user customers  navigate the key aspects. April 15,  2021 – Infosource has identified how Covid-19 is changing the office equipment industry The success of office equipment

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The enhanced value proposition of Infosource

Infosource integration of Harvey Spencer Associates (HSA) demonstrates enhanced value proposition  02 February 2021  The integration of Harvey Spencer Associates (HSA) and Document Imaging Report (DIR) into Infosource has moved to the next phase with the launch of the new brand identity and website.  “We have joined the businesses in

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Adding Substance to the Style in the Age of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation sounds sexy. It’s about taking all your manual and paper processes and making them faster and electronic. The impetus behind this transformation is that everybody is connected today, though wi-fi, satellite networks, mobile devices, and even laptops and PCs. A lot of work has been spent on enabling

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The Future of the Scanning Hardware Market

As the editor and publisher of DIR, and more recently, Americas regional manager for infoSource, I’ve spent a lot of time covering the document-related hardware market. When I started back in the late 1990s, high-volume scanners were the primary market drivers with vendors like Kodak and Bell + Howell leading the industry. In the

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Document Management Trends: Vendor Nativity, Platforms, and More

No matter which DMS vendor one chooses to use based on document management trends, the most important step prior to vendor selection is identifying and documenting the organization’s own internal processes. Doing so will make choosing the right vendor for your organization and its employees easier. Workers are presently subjected

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Guest Post – 3 Tips on Successfully Expanding into China

As the largest growing economic market, the business potential China offers can’t be ignored. At the same time, entering China is not a simple proposition and you will face many new experiences you have never had in other markets. Y Soft recently expanded into China with a subsidiary office in

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Three Ways to Generate Profit With the Data You Already Have

By Andrew Wells and Kathy Chiang   Build it and they will come. That is the view many organizations maintain about their data lakes and data warehouses. Companies are rapidly investing in systems and processes to retain business data that they know is valuable but have no clue what to

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