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There has been a lot of talk about how outsourcing/BPO services will benefit in a down economy as businesses look to cut costs by hiring other people to perform their non-core functions. Document management is, of course, one of the functions. In our last issue, we did a pretty extensive story on document management outsourcing specialist DataBank IMX. Databank CEO Dick Aschman explained how the down economy has been a bit of a mixed blessing – as business are certainly willing to outsource more, but that some of Databank’s current customers had reduced volumes due to a fewer number of transactions. ACS’ year-end/fourth quarter results would seem to confirm this, as they report a record amount of revenue coming from new contracts, but only a 6% growth overall. Now, granted a 6% overall growth is nothing to scoff at from a multi-billion company like ACS, but I’m guessing their overall growth figures would have been higher in a normal economy.

Any thoughts.

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