ACS Xerox Launches Mobile Phone Capture Systems

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Based on the all the buzz, some of which I’ve helped generated, having to do with capturing documents on mobile devices, I thought this was an interesting announcement from ACS – now owned by Xerox. It involves a capture system that leverages a mobile phone and some sort of specialized clipboard for capturing document images in the trucking industry. ACS is already a leader in this vertical market, and I believe it already offers solutions driven by both mobile scanners and scanners at truck stops. So, this will be another option. It will be interesting to see how quickly it catches on.

ACS, of course, is a long-time leader in the adoption of imaging technologies as part of its BPO business. I also got a couple of imaging-related news releases from Xerox today, in conjunction with their exhibition at the HIMSS show. It will be interesting to see if some of ACS’ imaging expertise cross over to its parent company, which has some imaging technology – but hasn’t historically been as cutting edge as ACS.

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