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Feels good to be able to post again. I started having some major computer problems a couple weeks ago, regarding the power port to my laptop, which I use for almost everything I do. Turns out to be a common problem with Dell laptops that the power port comes loose from the mother board, or something along those lines, and Chuck over at Complete Computers here in Erie, soldered it back together for me, actually, according to him at least, improving on the original design of the machine. Hopefully this works, as I have been a bit crippled over the past week especially… that all said, I have been inspired to carry on by the talk given this week at ReadSoft’s annual conference in New Orleans. That keynote is the GM of Superdome and oversaw its resurrection. We’re talking a $200 million project, so I guess the $125 I spent to fix my laptop wasn’t so bad afterall.

Anyhow, this deal between Kinko’s and Adobe is probably one that should have been worked out long ago.

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