AIIM 2008

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Just returned from our industry’s annual technology fest. Unfortunately, it seems the show has turned into more a conference that a true, old-time exhibition. By that I mean, that nobody, but nobody, expects to get a good stack of leads out the event anymore. However, the reviews for the event are by no means all bad. There are still a few good leads that do come out of the event. This makes sense, as we’ve mentioned with the conference growing consistently, there are more educated, advanced users attending the show, rather than just tire kickers.

However, it did appear that overall attendance numbers were down. The first day, floor traffic seemed healthy, but for whatever reason, momentum didn’t carry over into Day 2 (Wednesday). Thursday, of course, you had the usual tumbleweed rolling through the aisles, with the vendors treating the day as a mixer. It’s always been my view that they should roll out the cocktails early on Day 3 and really let things fly. It would be interesting to see what kind of partnerships came out of that!

Anyhow. we’ll have plenty more on the show in our next couple issues of our newsletter.



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