AIIM reflects on strong 2016 after Peggy Winton’s first year at the helm

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Her role as President & CEO is formalized as the global content management membership organization sets its 2017 strategy

Winton’s rich marketing technology and automation experience will be instrumental in deepening membership engagement and social networking

Marketing’s representation at CEO level signals a broader shift as all organizations address the need to transform and innovate

Silver Spring, Maryland, Jan. 3, 2017 – As expected, AIIM’s Board of Directors has confirmed Peggy Winton in the role of President of the global information management membership association, at the conclusion of a very strong year for the organization. Crucially, Winton has leveraged her deep experience in marketing and community development which she believes is critical to AIIM’s long-term success and a sign of the times as presidents and CEOs across a wide range of industries are called to be more innovative, creative, and technologically savvy.

Over the last 12 months, AIIM has achieved the best net financial performance in many years – a testament to Winton’s strong vision and operational focus in delivering the next stage in the Association’s development. During that time she has refocused AIIM’s work around industry standards, led a successful restructuring of AIIM’s internal IT systems, and invested the savings in new innovation including a bold overhaul of AIIM’s web site and networking activities.

“We launched a brand new web site in May, which went extraordinarily smoothly – thanks to our choice of partner, and the integral involvement of business leads as well as a broad spectrum of members,” she said. “What we have now is a robust web site with user-driven navigation, which serves up relevant, personalized content.”

Other new initiatives include a mentorship program and a VIP lounge where premium members can get the inside track on the latest industry developments and opportunities. “We’re introducing a range of new ways of connecting,” Winton explained. “I see AIIM acting almost as a matchmaker for projects, making it easier for people to find the right advice, skills, and solution partner.”

Winton, who was already active in the president role in an interim capacity, took over the reins when John Mancini moved into a business development and author/speaker role as chief evangelist early in 2016. Winton, previously AIIM’s chief marketing officer and chief operating officer, has been with the organization for almost 15 years.

Over the last year she has also spearheaded an internal reorganization, integrating IT people more closely into the wider organization, and empowering events, marketing and membership departments so they can continue to enrich the membership experience. She is also very clear about AIIM’s agenda for 2017.

“Instead of debating whether we need to redefine ‘AIIM’, or terminology such as ECM (Electronic Content Management), we’re going to focus on growing our community: identifying their needs and providing solutions on their terms. That’s how we’ll continue to thrive in this crazy, evolving industry!”

She added: “We’re seeing the fruits of this labor already – with immense growth since the start of 2016, and a social reach that has exploded and is now converting. People are commenting that we look and act like a real business rather than a not-for-profit, so we’re clearly on the right track.”

Commenting on Winton’s achievements, Dan Antion, who assumes the role of chair in January (from his current position as vice-chair), said, “AIIM had an excellent year in 2016, and the Board is delighted that Peggy accepted the challenge to lead the Association and with what she has achieved. Her marketing-oriented perspective is a timely fit for the Association, given the way whole industries are moving – towards digital transformation. Peggy is an excellent choice for president and I look forward to working with her as she continues to establish the Association’s vision for leading in an age of technology-enabled transformation and for guiding information professionals as they put information to work in their organizations.”

Since joining AIIM in 2002, Winton has developed a rich, year-round event, content, and education portfolio spanning research, virtual events and publications. She built AIIM’s first B2B sales and marketing system to support the new product lines, and has expanded the membership community from a subscriber base of 35,000 to 148,000 active members currently – 10,059 of whom have joined AIIM in the last year. 

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