AIT Leverages A2iA’s Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Tools to Deliver Enhanced Payment Fraud Investigative Solutions to Government Agencies

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New York, NY, October 3, 2017 – A2iA (@A2iA), a trusted name in the worldwide data capture, image analysis, and payment systems markets, today announced a partnership with Actionable Intelligence Technologies, Inc. (AIT®), a software company dedicated to fighting financial crime by delivering technology and expert knowledge in detecting, investigating and permanently dismantling the criminal organization. Under the terms of the Agreement, AIT has integrated a2ia CheckReader™, an all-inclusive check-processing software toolkit, into its Comprehensive Financial Investigative Solution (CFIS®) to mine handwritten and printed data from payment documents, including payee names, dates and dollar amounts.
“The financial investigative services market demands fast results with precise intelligence,” said Susan Deehan, Chairman & CEO, AIT. “By adding A2iA’s AI capabilities into CFIS, we are enabling increased speed and accuracy with even more automation – allowing investigators to focus on analyzing the entire case at hand, with all supporting documentation, as a complete file.” Being able to visualize all supporting documents linked to statement transactions, the defense is unable to refute the allegations resulting in quicker and more appropriate plea agreements.”
Utilized by Federal, state, and local prosecutors, regulators and law enforcement agencies to conduct complex investigations, users will now be able to even more quickly input all supporting documents without sampling or thresholding items due to the large volume of records and instantaneously create charts and graphs as well as run search, queries, pivot tables and reports on all paper and electronic financial documents, as well as data stored in a centralized database.

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