Ambir Technology Announces Mac Compatibility for its Latest Generation Sheet-Fed Document and Card Scanners

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Elmhurst,IL, February 3, 2016—Ambir Technology, an industry leader in digital capture and document management solutions, announces all models of its latest generation sheet-fed document and card scanners are now compatible with Apple Inc.’s Macintosh OS X operating system through a driver download.

Customers simply download Image Capture Architecture (ICA) drivers for their scanner(s) at at no charge. Scanners are then compatible with any ICA-compliant Macintosh Operating System (OS) X scanning application, including the OS X built-in scanning application Image Capture and third-party applications using the ICA standard. The scanners will work with the majority of web browser-based scanning applications for scanning to cloud-hosted Electronic Medical Records and document management software.  

“We strive to broaden the inclusivity and applicability of our solutions and products,” said Mike O’Leary, CEO of Ambir Technology. “A number of professional practices and businesses are Mac OS-based. Starting today, they will have new choices to help address growing needs for information capture. Our latest generation of scanners are easy to use and maintain, sleek and compact, provide top-notch image quality, and promise increases in productivity and efficiency for both office and mobile applications.”

Introduced at HIMSS15 Annual Conference & Exhibition last April, Ambir’s latest generation scanners consist of four models: 

·         Ambir ImageScan Pro 490 ix Scanner duplex document and card scanner. It scans both sides of a document in about 10 seconds.

·         Ambir ImageScan Pro 687ix Scanner duplex card scanner for scanning two-sided identification cards, scanning both sides of a card in approximately 3 seconds.

·         Ambir ImageScan Pro 667ix Scanner simplex card scanner for scanning one side of an identification card in about 3 seconds.

·         Ambir TravelScan Pro 600ix Scanner simplex document and card scanner designed for mobility and speed. It scans one side of a document in approximately 10 seconds.

True Scanning Solutions to Do More at Document and ID Card Capture All models elevate document and ID card scanning to a true information capture and management solution by enabling users to save scanned information as PDF, TIF and JPEG files, automatically saving the files to any folder on a Macintosh.

Thoughtful Design and Construction to Enhance Productivity ImageScan Pro 490ix and TravelScan Pro 600ix document and card scanners weigh about 2 pounds and measure approximately 12 inches in length. They easily fit into any laptop bag and won’t require a weightlifter to transport them.

ImageScan Pro 687ix and ImageScan Pro 667ix card scanners are even lighter and smaller, weighing about 1 pound and measuring approximately 8 inches in length. They will easily fit on crowded desktops, registration areas and mobile carts.

Despite their lightweight and compact designs, all models feature rugged construction for continuous use in commercial environments. In addition, all models have a Kensington Lock Slot to keep them securely on desks or mobile carts.

The new scanners are USB port-powered, eliminating the need to find an electrical outlet or carry an AC adapter, enhancing the ability to work wherever and anywhere.

The scanners offer top-notch media handling:

·         ImageScan Pro 490ix and TravelScan Pro 600ix document and card scanners can scan everything from embossed ID cards to 8.5×14-inch documents with a 100-page-per-day duty cycle. 

·         ImageScan Pro 687ix and ImageScan Pro 667ix card scanners can handle embossed ID cards to 4.13×10-inch documents without changing settings or flipping documents.

All models are Energy Star compliant. 

Image Quality—Assured All models are factory calibrated, requiring no calibration upon installation to deliver high-quality image quality right out of the box. 

Maintenance and Cleaning is a Snap Ambir’s new generation of scanners feature flip-open tops to give unrivaled access for thorough and quick cleaning of the transport area and roller replacement, making the scanners ideal for use in any environment including dusty and harsh ones.  Maintenance and cleaning made easy coupled to Ambir’s factory calibration combine to give users great image quality and scanner operation without making fussy and bothersome adjustments.

The Ambir ImageScan Pro 490 ix Scanner lists for $299.95; Ambir TravelScan Pro 600ix Scanner for $149.96; Ambir ImageScan Pro 687ix Scanner for $329.95; and Ambir ImageScan Pro 667ix Scanner for $189.95. For information about Ambir Technology products and solutions, access                           

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