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Back stateside after a week in Prague for Kofax Transform ’06 – the European version. Well attended event. I think there were close to 400 resellers (individuals, not companies, but still a lot of companies) represented. Interesting thing about the European market – it’s still doesn’t seem to be one market. Although the Euro seems pretty well accepted, language barriers, at least, still exist. Even though everyone does speak some kind of common language, it’s still cumbersome to converse in other than a native tongue (for many people). Dicom CEO Rob Klatell explained that this type of environment mean it’s advantageous for Dicom to maintain its distribution infrastructure in Europe.

Unfortunately, I’m not attending ARMA this week, although that’s typically a fairly small show. There was a lot of talk a month ago about AIIM and ARMA getting together, but apparently it all fell through, and now ARMA has recently announced an alliance with SNIA – a storage newtorking organization. Sorry, but I think AIIM would have made more sense.

Oh, yes, wanted to link you to an interesting Iron Mountain announcement from ARMA. Obviously, Iron Mountain holds quite a bit of sway in that world. I like their direction because they aren’t afraid to invest in electronic infrastructure, while at the same time, they aren’t quick to dismiss their paper roots as archaic. They seem to understand the balance that exists between paper and electronic documents – something we try very hard to be concious of here at DIR.

Finally, I apologize for the lack of recent posts on the Web site. We were really getting on a roll there, but have run into some technical difficulties – this is the reason for the ugly code line that may be displaying across the top of your browser. I’ve been trying to get this fixed and promise to get us back up to speed there shortly.



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