Beyond Paper: Info Insight Automates Processes

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Multi-channel capture is certainly a hot topic. A couple weeks ago, we visited ibml and ReadSoft, who each discussed their expanded focus to include multi-channel capture. This week, we briefed with Kodak Document Imaging on its new Info Insight application, which was announced last week.

Info Insight is a Web-based IDR solution that is able to automate classification and capture of document from multiple inputs. Kodak is advertising it for use with scanned images, faxes, e-mail, and input from social media sources. So, from the capture side, which Kodak is calling its “integration platform edition,” InfoInsight certainly has multiple channels covered.

From the output, or process standpoint, Info Insight also addresses many, what we’ll call “avenues.” Kodak calls this side of Info Insight its “solutions edition module.” It includes assisting with both automated and manual responses to e-mails, social media input, and traditional paper correspondence. It also includes being able to track the “moods” on social media sites via a graphical screen.

No, I wouldn’t say that Info Inight is deeply into what Forrester has defined as the Smart Process Application space, but it’s clearly a step in that direction. Info Insight is designed to take input form multiple sources, apply technology like self-learning and artificial intelligence, as well as data aggregation, and produce some sort of response to the input. The main SPA element that I see it as missing is a true BPM engine for dynamically automating complex processes. (Yes, Kofax has trained me well in the use of the word “dynamic,” but I think it makes sense here.)

All and all, it is interesting to see where the capture market is heading. I completely agree with Kodak and Kofax’s and others’ position that it is very important for capture companies to expand their front ends to embrace multiple channels, because clearly the generation currently going through higher education and those behind it have less use for paper than any generation in the past 100 years.

That said, the processes that paper has traditionally been a part of are not going away. So, it’s very important for anyone in the capture market to realize that the future is about owning the process, not the paper, and Info Insight, and Kofax’s SPA strategy, and quite a lot of what I’m starting to see show up on the market, seems to be taking this approach. Good work guys!

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