A Look at Kofax's First Mile Marketing Strategy

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Just got back in the office from another Kofax Transform event. Don’t know many years I’ve been covering this event – at least since 2006. This year’s event was in San Diego, and the weather was fairly awesome. The event itself was strong too, with close to 600 attendees from 25 countries.

One of the themes was Kofax’s introduction of  a new marketing message that is being built around the idea of building out the First Mile (TM) of customer interaction:

That picture is Martyn Christian, CMO of Kofax, presenting on “Delivering on the First Mile.” Basically, Kofax’s message is around connecting “systems of engagement” with “systems of record,” and it was a good thing that John Mancini, president of AIIM, and Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm and other books, were around to help explain this marriage. Both Moore and Mancini have spoken and written on this topics for several years. But, from my standpoint at least, Kofax is the first vendor I’ve heard that has developed a coherent strategy for really connecting the two.

And this strategy is built around SPAs, or smart process applications. I’m not going to get into a huge explanation of what SPAs are right now, but Forrester’s Craig LeClair does a pretty good job of it in this article that appeared in last week’s premium DIR.

Basically, the First Mile message is that businesses need a set of technologies to connect their evolving set of customer interactions with their back-end line of business systems. In other words, customers are communicating with businesses in an increasing number of ways – paper, e-mail, social media, call centers, etc. And businesses are under increasing pressure (due to the potential speed and ease-of-use of properly executed digital transactions)  to process these communications in an efficient and customer friendly fashion. Capturing paper communications effectively is certainly one avenue to this, but so is capturing e-mail and mobile interactions – and not only capturing these communications, but enabling customers to input them in a way that is intuitive and user friendly. Kofax is attempting to deliver on this promise with a combination of multi-channel capture, BPM, and analytics technologies

All that was pretty cool, and there was a lot more that went on at Transform that I will be covering through various avenues (multi-channel communication?) over the next few weeks. Also, next week I’m headed to New Orleans for both the Canon’s ICS Division (formerly IFS) national reseller meeting and the annual AIIM Conference, as well as a stop in at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence. Let me know if you are going to be in town and want to connect.

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