Accelerated I/O Update

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Over the years, I’ve done some articles and briefings with a Colorado-based compression specialist called Accelerated I/O. I really thought they had some neat technology for compressing document images, which they planned to eventually leverage in audio and video applications. It was at least five years ago that I started talking them, however, and from what I can tell, they still don’t have a shipping product.

Well, their story apparently sounded good to many other people as well, and the company has been able to raise more than $3 million in funding. However, that not having a product thing can get you into trouble with sed investors.

I know I’ve introduced several people to this company and I hope I haven’t led them toward any investments they regret. I also hope that company principal Joe Doll’s claim. “We never intended to do anything wrong.We were engineers who may not have known all the rules,” is true.

I asked a couple of compression engineering experts to take a look at this technology and it never really went anywhere. Also, I find Accelerated’s expectations regarding their opportunity in the document imaging market to be highly unrealistic – even moreso as the market has matured since the first I talked with them, but their expectations have not. Do I think they are a fraudulent operation? I never had that impression, but I guess you never know. Do I hope their technology is as great as they tout it to be? Certainly, because, if it ever does work, it could do some great things, but I’m still not sure about their business plan of starting in this industry.

That’s all I have to say about Acceleated I/O for now. Does anybody else have an opinion/thought and Joe Doll and his proposition of compression through “continuous mathematical equations?”.

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