Kodak Introduces New SharePoint Tools

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Kodak continues to innovate on the SharePoint front, introducing two new tools for integrating document imaging technology with Microsoft’s ECM platform. Kodak has introduced a Document Viewer Software for previewing documents returned by SharePoint searches. It works with 300 document types, so it’s not liminted to images. Kodak has also introduced a Scan and View component, which enables users to enhance scanned images, run meta data searches, and mark-up and annotate documents.

This is exactly the type of functionality users need to turn SharePoint into an true document image management application. The new tools are designed to be integrated with Kodak’s Capture Pro Software. Kodak recently introduced the ability to to import SharePoint Server library columns (meta data fields) to be used for indexing fields when capturing documents. All good moves on Kodak’s part to capitalize on the growing desire to implement imaging functionality within SharePoint environments.

From the press release: “KODAK Document Viewer Software and KODAK Scan and View Software will be available beginning in May of 2011. Availability will vary by geographic location. For more information about KODAK Document Viewer Software and KODAK Scan and View Software, go to www.kodak.com/go/sharepoint.”

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