Kofax Debuts Mobile App for Mortages

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At the Mortgage Bankers Association’s annual convention being held in Chicago, Kofax announced a new mobile document capture app. The Kofax Mobile Capture for Mortgage app is based on the technology Kofax announced in January, which involves capturing and processing document images on a phone and then passing them onto a cloud server, which connects with Kofax Capture. Kofax Capture can be used to perform data extraction, document classification, and other process, as well as to connect line of business and BPM systems.

The Mortgage app is designed “to enable lenders, brokers and borrowers to use cameras in smartphones and tablet computers to capture, perfect and extract relevant information from supporting documents and deliver it directly into the appropriate loan processes.”

“We’ve seen ready adoption of electronic document management and mobile banking, making the integration of mobile capture into mortgage loan processing the natural next step,” said Mark Swift, VP of Opus product management at ISV Mortgage Cadence, in a press release. Mortgage Cadence develops software for the mortgage banking industry and Opus is its document management offering. It is already a Kofax Capture customer.

 Kofax CEO Reynolds Bish expects the flood of refinancing to drive adoption of mobile capture apps.

Harvey Spencer Associates has projected the market for mobile document capture technology to reach $1.5 billion by 2015 and this is clearly the type of repeatable and useful app that can help drive strong growth in a space that is just now emerging. A couple months ago, Kofax announced four Mobile Capture wins in four different markets. So, it appears as if mobile capture is at developing a wide footprint. It will be interesting to see if a killer app emerges out of these early wins and product announcements.

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