Kofax hires U.S. Sales Chief

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Kofax has hired former FileNet sales exec Steve Johnson as its Senior VP of software & solutions Sales for the Americas. Johnson will report to EVP of field operations Alan Kerr. He will oversee Kofax’s implementation of its new hybrid model for its $50 million U.S. software business.

By our calculations, Kofax CEO Reynolds Bish now has also the pieces in place to attack the market in the way he outlined to us at last year’s AIIM show. His intention is for Kofax’s historically strong VAR channel to continue to win the small and mid-sized deals, with the direct sales force to take the high-end stuff that has historically gone to Kofax competitors like Bish’s former company Captiva, as well as players like ReadSoft and recently Brainware. The trick, of course, is going to be keeping the VAR channel happy and not stepping on their toes too much with the direct sales. We still haven’t heard too much negative feedback from the U.S. VARs at least, of course, without Johnson, maybe the direct sales force hasn’t been fully ramped up yet.

Anyhow, Johnson seems well qualified to sell capture solutions. If he can manage a VAR channel well, we’ll expect some strong results from Kofax.

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