NSi Introduces AutoStore 6.0

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Notable Solutions, Inc., the Rockview, MD-based MFP capture software specialist, has introduced a new version of its flagship AutoStore application. AutoStore 6.0 features a couple new modules. One is a WebCapture feature that enables users to capture electronic documents from their desktops into workflows connected to AutoStore. The second is a standardized version of AutoStore’s SmartTicket functionality.

WebCapture complements AutoStore’s AutoCapture technology, a thick Windows client for capturing electronic documents. AutoStore itself is typically used for capturing paper documents with MFPs and processing them. WebCapture is browser-based app.

SmartTicket enables admins to set up bar-coded cover sheets the identify documents being scanned at MFPs. Users log-on, print the proper coversheets, and can add meta data through check boxes or keying at their PCs. The Autostore server can identify scanned documents through the bar codes on the cover sheets and then execute a workflow based on the document ID. Previously, SmartTicket had been implemented as a customized app for some of NSi’s bigger customers.

More on AutoStore 6.0 in our next premium issue.

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