ReadSoft Lands Large Capture Deal

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ReadSoft’s acquisition of foxray has started to pay some dividends. Today the Swedish capture and business process automation ISV announced one of the largest deals in the history of its company--worth almost 2 million Euros in an XBOUND capture software sale. XBOUND is the document capture platform that ReadSoft picked up with foxray.The customer is Debeka, which ReadSoft lists as “Germany’s largest private health insurance company.”

According to a press release, “The first stage of the project will be to migrate Debeka’s old input automation solution processing approximately 76 million pages per year. In the second stage the organization is planning to expand the new input automation solution across all Debeka Group’s classes.” We’re not sure whose solution ReadSoft is replacing. foxray does already list Debeka as a reference, saying, “For many years, foxray AG has realized various projects with Debeka. The xbound platform is used to automate the processing of housing applications for the building society and has been in active use since January 2008.”

Paradatec also counts Debeka as a customer. According to a Paradatec newsletter, Debeka processes 200,000 claims and invoice images per day utilizing Paradatec’s data capture. Of course, foxray and Paradatec are partners, so even though ReadSoft has its own invoice and claims capture technology, we don’t necessarily see Debeka moving away from Paradatec. (XBOUND is more of a document capture/batch management workflow platform than a data capture application.)

On the document capture side, this is certainly a great win for ReadSoft. Said Bob Fresneda, who was recently promoted to president, ReadSoft North America, “I think with this nice win due to our acquisition of foxray and a couple of nice, normal wins here in our SAP AP space within the US you can see that the ReadSoft business model is working well.”

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