Brainware completes installlation with Sun Chemical

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These are the types of deployments we hear about relatively often from Brainware, which is kind if a dark horse contender for large invoice capture applications. They don’t quite have the same background as Kofax, ReadSoft, and Open Text, but seem to win their share of large implementations, often replacing competitive vendors’ implementations. At Sun, they tout a Kofax replacement.

Here’s a quote from the Director of Corporate Accounting at Sun Chemical that validates a lot of the stuff we hear directly from Brainware:

 “Brainware touted its ability to achieve 80-90% field extraction rates out of the box, but we realized that those were conservative estimates as we have experienced extraction rates as high as 93-99%,” said Ray Baer, Director of Corporate Accounting for Sun Chemical. “Once our team started to use the system, we quickly recognized how much more user-friendly it was compared with what was previously in place.”

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