City of Vantaa, a Digital Forerunner in Urban Planning and Construction, Deploys the M-Files Information Management Solution

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GIS Service Provider Esri Finland and M-Files team up to Develop Comprehensive Digital Solution for Finnish City of Vantaa


DALLAS, TX, September 29, 2016: M-Files Corporation, a provider of solutions that dramatically improve how businesses manage documents and other information, today announced The Finnish City of Vantaa as a customer.

M-Files partnered with Esri Finland to develop a customized GIS-based information management solution for land use, town planning, construction supervision and municipal services. The system includes map and geographic information, process-based enterprise resource planning, as well as case and document management systems. The total value of the system is €12 million.

The City of Vantaa is in the process of rebuilding its land use, construction and environmental planning by switching to a process-based information and enterprise resource planning system that guides its users while providing up-to-date and accurate information. With the comprehensive solution, the aim is to reduce the number of separate systems in order to avoid the unnecessary copying of information and having the information scattered across several systems. Integrating geographic information into the comprehensive solution makes it possible to link documents and other topical data to map data, which boosts the operation while reducing costs. 

The comprehensive solution also covers project management and cooperation between different interest groups, and it can be used remotely on mobile devices.

“In our vision for the future, residents, companies, interest groups and the City authorities come together to create information and develop the city and its services via a virtual city model. To realize this vision, we need a comprehensive solution that serves not only the citizens, but also different interest groups and the personnel of the city,” explains City of Vantaa Deputy Mayor, Hannu Penttilä.

“In the future, the information generated in land use projects from start to finish, i.e. from zoning to construction, will form a digital system that contains geographic information. Processing of information will be more efficient across the organization thanks to the comprehensive process management system, which eliminates unnecessary manual processes and makes all the up-to-date information readily available to the experts. Dynamic information management has the potential to increase efficiency by as much as a third,” estimates Henry Westlin, chair of the project steering group and engineer from the City of Vantaa.

“We are delighted to have this chance to help the City of Vantaa realize its vision by offering modern tools for making Vantaa a digital and interactive city of the future. Our solution is based on the ArcGIS platform which enables agile and more open solution development processes with improved accessibility. Executing planning process tasks using a single smart and cloud-based geographic information platform takes operation methods and know-how to a whole new level while enabling open interaction between different parties,” says Janne Honkonen, CEO of Esri Finland Oy.

The process-based enterprise resource planning tool chosen for the solution is the M-Files information management solution, which also covers case management, project management (project cooperation), document and file management, and archiving. The processes are coordinated with a records management plan (RMP) that improves process quality and efficiency.

“M-Files is especially advantageous when it comes to integrating resource management planning and information management, as it allows the processes and the resulting documents to be handled in line with the RMP from start to finish. This makes it possible to integrate all information into the operational business and to handle and control the information dynamically through the processes. In order to facilitate making the right decisions, an information system must provide a vantage point for all data that affects decision-making,” says M-Files CEO, Miika Mäkitalo.

The contractors working under Esri Finland Oy and M-Files in the project are Vianova Systems Finland Oy and Nebula Oy. The Vianova solution Novapoint provides the City of Vantaa with a planning application, while Nebula provides the tools to use it as a cloud service.

City of Vantaa

With over 214,000 citizens, Vantaa is the fourth largest city in Finland. The city’s location in the junction of nationally significant routes, the ever-developing rail traffic, and the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport make Vantaa a unique city. Also nestled in the area surrounding the airport is the rapidly-growing Aviapolis, a diverse business and residential area. Vantaa is a forerunner in the implementation of new technologies. A cloud service ensures that city employees have the chance to work remot
ely, and the city offers a number of electronic services to its citizens. Building permissions, for example, can be obtained and submitted electronically in the service, and the city is also continuously developing the electronic services available through its Oma Vantaa portal. More information:

Esri Finland Oy

Esri Finland Oy is a provider of state-of-the-art geographic information solutions and expert GIS services. The solutions and services of Esri help clients understand the geographical aspects affecting their operations, allowing them to make better data-driven decisions. The ArcGIS platform of Esri can be used for finding, using, producing and sharing geographic information in an easily understandable visual format on a map on all devices whenever and wherever. Over 350,000 organizational clients around the world use Esri products to produce valuable data to support their business activities. Esri products are used by over 75% of Fortune 500 companies and public sector bodies around the world. Finnish companies and organizations using Esri products include The Finnish Defense Forces, Fingrid, the National Land Survey of Finland, the Finnish nature authority Metsähallitus, the Finnish Transport Agency, and the SOK Corporation. More information:

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