Color Document Imaging

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Here we ago again. This is a subject that has almost become hackneyed, strike the almost, in recent years. When will users adopt color document imaging en masse. Hasn’t happened yet. Color scanners and front office imaging adoption nonewithstanding, perhaps that final thing standing between color adoption by end users is a decent file format. Don’t get me wrong- I realize that JPEG works fine for the exception documents that are typically scanned in color today. However, several vendors including TMSSequoia, LizardTech, AlgoVision LuraTech and now Adobe have tried to push color capture software and it really hasn’t worked yet. Of all these, Adobe probably has the best chance of succeeding – just because it’s the only one with the size to wait the transition out. Who would have thunk TIFF Group 4 was so ingrained in people’s document imaging  habits?
Anyways, I’ve posted the latest release of an agreement between LizardTech and Captiva on our Web site. I’ve been blasted for my support of DjVu in the past, but I’ll stand by my opinion that it’s a fairly good file format, if not as revolutionary as it was five years ago, now that Adobe and JPEG 2000 Part VI have had a chance to catch up. Nonetheless, as I reported in a post-AIIM issue, LizardTech appears to making a last stand with the technology and striking up as many alliances as they can. Reports from Captiva are that IAX is selling well in Europe through the company’s relationships with Headway – so maybe DjVu will catch on in Europe too…

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