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Big news out of the Dicom Group in the last couple of days. First off, on Tuesday, they announced the acquisition of LCI, an IDR software developer out of Germany. The company seems to advertise technology similar to that of SWT. It was founded by academics, however, and like Mohomine, and to some extent Neurascript, was more technology than marketing driven it appears – although Kofax told me LCI has some 70 customers.

Then, today, Dicom announced it would be discontinuing its Samsung distribution business – the SGA portion of its business. This has been in the works for a long time, and the division had been up for sale, but apparently no buyers. Once again, I’ll give Dicom tremendous props for their vision to move out of this business – which I think is how the company started – and into document imaging. Ironically, it seems to have taken the hiring for a former distribution as CEO – Rob Klatell who spent more than 30 years as an executive a components distributor Arrow Electronics – to ring the final bell for SGA. I guess Klatell knows a healthy distribution arrangement when he sees one…

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