DocuWare’s Kinetic Solutions Represent Micro-Solutions Approach

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Today, DocuWare announced the first two applications in its Kinetic Solutions program. Kinetic Solutions are pre-configured to manage specific business processes and sit in the DocuWare cloud. The first two iterations are for accounts payable and human resources.
These are not surprising places to start – as they are two of the most popular areas for businesses to begin their ECM implementations. DocuWare is a Germany-based ECM vendor that has been successful in the U.S. through a strategy of first buying one of its early U.S.-based solution providers (ALOS) and then focusing on recruiting MFP dealers to form the bulwark of its reseller channel.
DocuWare was also one of the first traditional ECM vendors to recognize the significance of the cloud. In 2010, the company earmarked one million Euros for Web-based and SaaS initiatives, which eventually led to the launch of the DocuWare Cloud in 2012. Cloud adoption ramped up gradually but by the end of 2017, the ISV was projecting the over half its new customers would be choosing the Cloud – a high rate compared to most legacy ECM vendors.
So, to us it seems that DocuWare’s leadership has proven to have some keen insights when it comes to ECM adoption trends. And, in its latest press release announcing the first two Kinetic Solutions, President Juergen Biffar offered his views on three current trends he is seeing. “We are seeing three signals in the market,” he said. “First, because of its attractive economics and simplified IT impact, there is escalating demand for cloud services versus traditional on-premises software. Second, functional utility is not enough – clear, intuitive usability is now expected. Third, companies are more inclined to deploy a narrow, departmental solution versus trying to configure complicated, legacy software. Enterprise-focused software that requires lengthy and complicated professional services is witnessing softer demand.”

There has been a lot of talk in the ECM market about the emergence of “content services” and breaking down monolithic ECM solutions into “microservices” that can be consumed in smaller bits and used to assemble process-specific applications. With its Kinetic Solutions, DocuWare has kind of taken this approach, but instead assembled the microservices on its own into “micro-solutions” designed to be more manageable than a traditional ECM platform. This makes perfect sense for the mid-market businesses that they target who probably want something more “out-of-the-box” than a series of configurable ECM services.
This seems to be a good approach on DocuWare’s part and should help the ISV continue to increase its percentage of cloud sales, which should also lead to continued success into the foreseeable future.

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