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Our apologies to the hardworking people at Pixel Translations for forgetting about you when we listed leaders in the toolkit market last issue…

On a related note, we understand that Mark Edson has resigned as the CTO of Pixel and at lesat one scanner vendor we talked with seems concerned. Mark was apparently a major part of the braintrust behind the ISIS drivers which have made Pixel tools’ so popular over the years. A few years ago, after Pixel co-founder Steve Francis got out (for the first time), there were a lot of complaints about the service the company was providing regarding ISIS drivers. Scanner vendors were having problems getting their drivers done time – this was a major reason the TWAIN high-speed scanning initiative was launched. TWAIN of course had been primiarily a photo-imaging driver before that. TWAIN has evolved considerably over the years, and many people, especially in the workgroup segment of the market swear by it. However, ISIS still remains a popular driver in higher speed applications. We wonder how service will hold up now that Edson, Francis, and Pixel co-founder Johannes Schmidt have all left the company.

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