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Dynamsoft Camera SDK Adds Automated Document Capture and Corrective Features

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VANCOUVER – July 31, 2017 – Dynamsoft has updated its webcam document capture software development kit (SDK) for developers to quickly equip their web applications with webcam-based document scanning that also automatically processes document boundary detection and corrects improper perspectives. The new SDK features make it ideal for expanding document capture application reach beyond traditional scanners. It lets users more efficiently capture critical documents via a webcam, such as ID cards, financial checks, barcodes, completed forms or applications, and more.
Dynamsoft Camera SDK 6.0 works by enabling developers to more rapidly add a contained video stream into a browser-based application. Once a document is detected, a capture of a single image can be created from the video stream. Various new features in the SDK make it possible for a user to simply hold up to a webcam a paper-based document for scanning and get a precise image capture of the document.
To make this possible, the updated SDK has added automatic processing of document images and an HTML5 document editor. A live document boundary detection feature is now built-in, for example to detect the edges of a check or paper form. Automatic cropping helps ensure document details are maximized and minimizes impact on storage. There is also built-in perspective correction for document images. So, if a document is slightly skewed or at an angle during capture, the SDK’s new built-in capabilities automatically corrects these problems. The new built-in HTML5-based document editor lets users make essential edits. These include boundary adjustments, contrast and brightness adjustments, rotating images, convert a color document to grayscale – and more.
The webcam library works on Windows clients with all common browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. It allows developers complete control over a webcam’s settings including exposure, iris, auto focus, and more. Users can save processed images as PDF, TIFF or JPEG files to a web server or a document repository.
Dynamsoft Camera SDK provides JavaScript APIs for developers to leverage in creating web applications that allow their users to easily capture images from USB Video Class (UVC) compatible cameras. The SDK spares developers months of added learning of related standards and coding to create online image capture and processing features. This also reduces the overall cost of developing a web application and lets developers stay focused on their primary tasks.
Pricing and Availability
Dynamsoft Camera SDK 6.0 is now available for purchase and download from the Dynamsoft website. There are a per-server licensing and also an unlimited annual licensing option.  Purchasing includes one year of maintenance to cover updates and premiere technical support needs during the time. Multiple award-winning technical support channels are offered including, email, live chat, forum and phone.

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