eDiscovery Dispute Highlights ABBYY-Nuance OCR Patent Suit

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This is kind of ironic – and thanks to our friends at Harvey Spencer Associates for connecting us with the link to this article, but it seems ABBYY has been ordered to pay Nuance $135,000 in a dispute over document discovery. Yes, it seems the two OCR ISVs are arguing over the exchange of documents.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White, whose office is in San Francisco where Nuance’s lawsuit against ABBYY and Lexmark (Lexmark licenses ABBYY technology) over OCR patent infringement is being heard, ordered “Abbyy to pay Nuance $135,000 in sanctions for taking so much time handing over requested documents that the court reopened discovery and Nuance retook depositions that had already been completed.”

Also from the article “ABBYY contended that it disclosed the information late because it was tied up responding to ‘Nuance’s multiple other discovery requests seeking massive amounts of irrelevant information,’ but Judge White didn’t buy that excuse. ‘The court does not find the delay in production justified considering the scope of this case and the sheer amount of lawyering and the parties’ investment of time and effort,’ he said.”

Alright, so it appears the game is on. This case has been in court since 2008, but it seems some headway is finally being made. According to the article, “All the parties were ordered to attend a settlement conference to be held no later than July 5.”

If you remember, one of the predictions we made in DIR to start the year was “Some major market developments driven by ongoing patent lawsuits.” Stay tuned.

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