EMC White Paper on ECM in Post PC Era

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If you read DIR or have seen me speak, you know that I’m intrigued by the growing adoption of mobile computing technology – beyond laptops, and trying to determine how it is going to affect the document imaging market going forward. It seems EMC has published a white paper that touches on this topic, entitled “Redefining Enterprise Content Management in the Post-PC Era.” I haven’t read the publication yet, but it promises to touch on

  • The new model – what it is and how you can use it to your advantage
  • The technologies that you’ll need – including case processing and information governance
  • The opportunities created by the new information landscape that will help you guarantee security, automate compliance, and streamline infrastructure
  • The benefits of a redefined ECM system—such as better decision-making, more responsive customer service, and reduced operating and capital expenditures

 You can download a copy at https://emcinformation.com/29002/REG/.ashx?reg_src=SA. I think I will. 


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