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Enterprise Capture White Paper

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This was written by JD Hicks is President of Imagine Solutions, and it’s a fairly insightful paper on the advantages of distributed capture in the financial service market. Hicks’ view seems to the that the advantages of centralized capture are already proven, but that financial services organizations shouldn’t be afraid to push their advantage, so to speak, and see how they can optimize their scanning processes by moving them outward – closer to the customer/point of origin.

One of his last lines is “Nothing happens until a document gets captured” – a parody of an old sales adage, which makes a lot of sense, when you consider that you can’t really begin an electronic workflow until you have electronic documents and data. Overall the paper is a good read that raises some valid points that financial institutions should consider. (Hicks also presents them, justifiably so, as principles that any organization can consider.)

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