Favorite Hardware Device from info360

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Yes, there were some people there debuting cutting-edge technology. PiQx actually debuted this device at CEBIT, but I believe info360 was its North American debut. This product is not shipping yet, but it’s very cool and has some potential.

It’s a “document camera” that attaches is a laptop, but it’s not the hardware apparatus that was so impressive. It’s the software. You basically toss a document down on a decent background – PiQx even provides a fold-up platform you can place over your keyboard, hit scan, and the software automatically applies perspective correction and crops, rotates, and orientates the image. It even offers “finger removal” if you’re flattening book pages. The high-quality images produced in such a short time were what was so impressive. PiQx advertises them as being the equivalent of 300 dpi images captured with a flatbed scanner.

Product is schedule to start shipping in Sept.

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