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FormStorm Invoices Supports Automated E-Mail Capture

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Boston, MA – May 9, 2016. CharacTell, a leading provider of advanced and innovative optical character recognition (OCR) products, today announced the immediate availability of new functionality within FormStorm™ Invoices version 8.0, that allow users to accept attachments from electronic mail messages and queue them for processing automatically.

“Automating the capture and reading of incoming documents is both the challenge and goal of any entity in need to process high volume of documents. In today’s connected world, a high percentage of the incoming flow of documents arrives as attachments via email. This is common in invoicing and Accounts Payable, as well as many other applications,” explained Paz Kahana, CharacTell’s President and CEO.

“FormStorm now has the ability to scan for attachments in any supported incoming email, capture the attachment(s), and queue them for processing with no attendance needed. One-time setup is easy, and a virtually any number of mail accounts can be monitored simultaneously,” he added. “This feature is particularly useful for small and large service bureaus and very high volume users.”

FormStorm Invoices Technology and Benefits

FormStorm Invoices technology combined powerful general recognition of unknown layouts, automated template creation, and template-based processing of previously known documents. Benefits this technology offers its users are:

  •          Faster and less costly data entry – the automated FormStorm process saves time and reduces costs.
  •          More accurate data capture – data validations catch human errors and increase accuracy.
  •        Fully customizable to user needs – FormStorm can be adjusted to nearly any process requirements by using its intuitive API and Events programming tools

FormStorm Invoices utilizes advanced scanning, image processing, page layout reading, recognition, and other technologies designed to automate and provide the ultimate in user simplicity in invoice data entry for small businesses, regardless of the accounting software they use. In most cases, data produced by FormStorm Invoices is more accurate than that keyed in manually.

Pricing and Availability

FormStorm Invoices is offered at a starting price of under $2,500 and is configurable to meet any data types and volume requirements. More information regarding FormStorm, on-line evaluation of invoice processing, and download of the complete system for in-house evaluation are available at:!ocr-for-invoices/tntyj

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