Heading to AIIM Conference 2014

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Have a few minutes as I’m delayed in the Buffalo Airport for another hour it appears. Looking forward to heading down to Orlando for a few days of nice weather – even if I am going to be suffering from the eternal conference conundrum – you are stuck inside (at least) 90% of the time. But, nonetheless I’m certain the company will be good. I have a number of great appointments set up and am looking forward to catching up both on and off the record with multiple people and organizations.

There are also a lot of good conference tracks and roundtables on the agenda.

Free wi-fi in airports is a great development. I’m sitting here plugged in at one of those Southwest counters, working almost as efficiently as I would be at my home office (fingers crossed).

Speaking of hi-tech developments, I’m liking this AIIM app so far. From what I understand they are not going to have any paper agendas distributed at the event, so they are kind of forcing people to use the app. Seems to be working as there is certainly a good amount of activity on it. However, I just went through and tried to select my agenda and some of the events that were listed online seem to be missing in the app agenda. Need to figure this out, although I’ll probably end up missing half the sessions I plan on hitting anyhow – as I get caught up in conversations.

Alright, plane is here. Should be boarding in a few minutes. Looking forward to seeing some of you in Orlando later today!

Scheduled for a root canal on Friday

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