Hyland and PFU Introduce ECM Kiosk

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Hyland Software, developers of the OnBase ECM suite and PFU, a subsidiary of Fujitsu have come up with a self-service kiosk to enable access to document managed in OnBase in customer service applications. There’s a couple of video links at the bottom of the page. The one I watched on healthcare showed the kiosk being used in a doctor’s office. Think of self-check-in at the airport. Similar application. Except that in addition to checking in, you can also complete forms and make payments (I guess you can make payments at the airport too.)

Cool thing is that Hyland’s OnBase workflow can probably be used to route the forms when they’re completed and also provide you with access to a whole assortment of documents that you have rights or a need to see. Hyland also has all sorts of HIPAA controls that it can set up around this. There are also government and higher education versions of the kiosk as well.

PFU is a leader in the kiosk market in other parts of the world.. Hyland actually has a great deal of experience working with another Fujitsu subsidiary, scanner vendor Fujitsu Computer Products of America. They have done an embedded integration involving a Fujitsu network scanner. This would seem to build on that.

Microsoft SharePoint gets a lot of credit for bringing ECM to the masses, but this kiosk is a great way to bring ECM use, at least, to the masses. And with touchscreens getting ever more popular thanks to cell phones and now the red-hot sales of the iPad, the time for ECM access through kiosks has probably come.

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