Hyland Launches New Contract Management Point Application

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CLEVELAND – December 4, 2017 – Hyland, a leading provider of content services solutions for managing content, processes and cases, has released a new Contract Management Point Application within the OnBase by Hyland enterprise information platform. The packaged solution delivers a flexible contract management offering to centralize access to information and automate routing, reviews and required tasks with an accelerated implementation time frame.
Hyland has enhanced its Contract Management offering with the launch of this new Contract Management Point Application. With simple deployment and pre-configured functionality, users are quickly empowered to expand traditional contract management requirements and leverage key features that enhance user experience, including;

  • A built-in clause library that allows users to quickly draft and modify contracts with pre-filled and approved clauses
  • An intuitive administrative panel permitting users to monitor contract lifecycle progress and status – delivering easily modifiable process flows without needing IT support
  • An integration with DocuSign and ShareBase by Hyland for secure collaboration and eSignatures with third parties
  • Reporting dashboards to see real-time updates of the status of each contract
  • Rapid deployment time frames and minimal service requirements to install

“In our pursuit of the best possible customer experience, Hyland has been diligently working to develop business-specific solutions that are intuitive for end users, easy to deploy and faster to extend the value that OnBase already brings to organizations,” said Scott Dwyer, vice president of product management at Hyland. “Every feature within the new OnBase Contract Management Point Application is designed to help legal, procurement and contract professionals better manage their individual contract processes – from request to execution and renewal – with little to no technical experience needed.”
Once a contracting process begins, users can track, comment and assign tasks throughout the contract lifecycle. Regardless of whether the contract requires a brief or multistage review process, OnBase manages the request appropriately. Each individual contract type can be set up with its own unique milestones, steps and action – helping organizations consolidate contracting processes into a single, robust toolset.
To learn more about OnBase Contract Management solution, visit OnBase.com.

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