Insightful Quotes from our Feb. 3, 2017 issue

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“Intelligent Delivery Service is really focused on improving how people work. It’s not just about opening mail and scanning it. We are trying to optimize mail delivery, reduce processing time, and drive better business decisions.”

—Nicole Blohm, Ricoh USA, on the company’s new Digital Mailroom offering

“You only have to step back 10 years, and you will see that enterprise content came mostly in simple and easy to understand formats—with the majority flowing in and out as Microsoft Office documents. Today, however, the landscape is much more complex thanks to social media, audio, video files etc. This has made content far more difficult to classify, archive, and access.

—Bob Larrivee, AIIM, in his guest editorial column

“Our goal has always been to automate document-based processes as seamlessly as possible for end users. We want to streamline what people are doing, so they can get out of the office more quickly and spend more time with their families or whatever they want to do. We are now able to focus more completely on the end-to-end process. Last time we talked, we discussed how we were increasing our focus on areas like HR and accounts payable. Capture is a big part of streamlining processes in both those areas.”

—Abe Niedzwiecki, founder, Cabinet, discussing his company’s acquisition by PSIGEN, where he has been appointed CTO.

“Our initial plan was to target businesses looking to sell their companies. But, the appetite in the market currently seems to be bigger for services to help reposition companies to improve their growth with the goal that this will enable them to exit at a more desirable value.”

—Martyn Christian, founder of the consulting firm UNDRSTND

“FineReader 14 combines the best of two worlds. Users get the benefits of a full desktop OCR application and a traditional PDF product. We think it can compete effectively in both product segments.”

— Slavena Hristova, head of product marketing for desktop products at ABBYY, discussing her company’s latest desktop software release.

“I think Microsoft always had plans to release another on premises version of SharePoint, but they let people think they were going to discontinue it—figuring this would drive customers to evaluate the cloud offering,”

—Bernie Schweiss, president and CEO of KnowledgeLake, discussing the strategy of its ECM partner, who last year came out with SharePoint Server 2016, for which KnowledgeLake just announced complete support.




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