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If you read my premium edition of DIR last week, you probably saw my article asking why we don’t have a  mobile scanner driven by mobile phones? Well, I got an e-mail from I.R.I.S. the other day talking about its IRIScan Anywhere device for capturing documents in the field. It’s a mobile scanner that doesn’t need to be driven by anything. You can save images to the device and upload them to a laptop/PC or save them to a USB. Here’s a video. (Not sure where they got the pitchman.)

Someone suggested that this may be the answer to what I’m looking for, but I say no, for two reasons.
1. There is no way to preview the image-like you could with a SmartPhone- so you really don’t know if you got a good image. And if you’re scanning remotely, this could be a big deal. (Especially with the contract you just signed over dinner – per the example in the video.)
2. There is no possibility for immediate connection with third party applications, as the device is not online when scanning, or connected to a network like a Smart Phone would be. Sure, you could upload to your laptop/PC and go online afterward, but in a real-time business environment, I like the idea of a real time connection. 

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