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Kodak Alaris Expands Capture Software Portfolio to Help Manage Information Overload

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ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 5, 2016 – The term “information overload” was coined over a half century ago by social scientist Bertram Myron Gross. It’s a concept that nearly everyone can relate to, especially in today’s hyper-connected, digital world. It is estimated that ninety percent of the world’s data has been produced in the last two years. In fact, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day. This is equivalent to 10 million blue ray discs stacked on top of each other, equaling the height of four Eiffel Towers[1].

While the average business does not have to process data at the quintillion level yet, it’s critical to gain control of how information is captured and managed. To address this challenge, Kodak Alaris has launched a series of enhancements to its software portfolio that will help businesses and governments accelerate their digital transformation. Kodak Info Input Express and Kodak Info Input Solution v4.0, which features a new mobile app, deliver simplified, connected and secure solutions to combat the overwhelming amount of data that weighs down people and processes and keeps businesses from realizing their full potential.

“Document capture is not new. But to keep pace with the speed of business, companies need solutions that can move the needle from siloed and disjointed approaches for capturing information from paper, one department at time, to using a unified workflow that can grow with a business,” said Emma Isichei, Worldwide Category Director, Capture Solutions, Kodak Alaris Information Management. “What was once a linear and regimented process has now expanded to include dynamic workflows that span a variety of structured and unstructured data. This can now be managed without incurring large customization costs. The enriched Info Input portfolio addresses the challenges and opportunities presented by the growth of web-connected devices across a myriad of industries and business sizes.”

Bringing mobile capture to today’s enterprise

The enhanced Info Input Solution v4.0 is a web-based document capture application that provides an efficient way to integrate capture into existing enterprise content management (ECM) and line of business applications. Organizations that implement Info Input can be more responsive to customers, while driving down costs and enjoying the efficiencies of web-based business applications. The solution helps eliminate costs associated with thick client software by allowing IT departments to centrally manage the deployment and support of Info Input on desktops and mobile capture devices. It also eliminates per-user licenses and volume-based click charges.

Info Input Solution 4.0 now accommodates complex workflows, adding a mobile element for increased flexibility. For instance, insurance agents who frequently work remotely filing claims are now able to capture off-site and push data into a business process or workflow as if they were in the office.

Additional benefits include:

·         Centralized access, which means IT departments can take control of scanning job setup and workflows, creating easy-to-manage policies across scanner fleets from one central point.

·         Offline scanning for remote locations with low network bandwidth, which delivers added employee flexibility and convenience.

·         Increased mobility because Info Input does not need to be installed on a PC.

·         Enabling knowledge workers to capture information in the field with mobile devices, and index and send automatically into the correct workflow.

Boosting SMB Capture Capabilities

Info Input Express Software meets the needs of knowledge workers in SMB and other distributed scanning environments. It helps save time by managing jobs centrally and sharing throughout the organization, and also enables access to specified user groups.

Additional benefits include:

·         History-based indexing to enable the user to save time and ensure consistency by selecting from a list of previous entered values.

·         Web server processing, supporting lower powered desktop PCs and helping organizations avoid the high costs and complexities of updating desktop software.

·         The ability to create user groups and to specify the activities these users can engage in, enabling shareable data and better collaboration.

Info Input is now available in all regions. For more information, please visit 

[1] Source: Big data infographic by Ben Walker, Marketing Executive at vouchercloud. April, 2015: 

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