Kodak Bankruptcy Rumors

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You’ve probably all seen these by now. Basically, here’s the way we understand it: Kodak is attempting to sell an imaging-related patent portfolio that is reportedly worth $2-3 billion. If it can execute this sale successfully, it could potentially avoid bankruptcy. But, there seems to be some discrepancy about whether or not Kodak can execute this sale without filing for bankruptcy first, due to potential creditor claims on the portfolio.

How this is going to affect the document imaging business is unclear. When we spoke with Kodak VP Dolores Kruchten last October, after the Kodak bankruptcy rumors first surfaced, she denied that Kodak as considering bankruptcy. She also insisted that the document imaging business was profitable and that Kodak would do absolutely nothing to hurt a profitable area of operation.

From what we’ve read, Kodak would hope to emerge from bankruptcy as a printer-focused business, and with a former HP exec running the show, that makes sense. Of course, from our standpoint, printing is inexorably tied to document imaging, so it would make sense for Kodak to retain that part of its business as well.

That’s about all we know for now. Stay tuned.

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