Kofax Introduces New Digital Mailroom Technology

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Kofax has introduced a new application called Kofax Mailroom Automation. It basically introduces some of Irvine,CA-based ISV’s BPM technology into the world of mailroom capture.

We’ve been talking about the digital mailroom in the document capture industry for years. In fact, current Kofax CEO Reynolds Bish was one of the first big proponents of the technology in his days back at Captiva. And there have been several implementations of the digital mailroom worldwide to date, in several different fashions. Most ISVs in our industry look at it as an extension of line-of-business capture in areas like claims processing – only adding more lines and document types into the mix. Of course, then there are companies like Earth Class Mail that advertise the ability digitize everything and distribute it electronically – or at least give users the option of turning down paper copies of magazines…it’s complicated.

Kofax Mailroom Automation falls into the first category, as Dermot McCauley, VP, solutions product marketing, explained that Kofax is going after primarily transactional documents. Kofax has always gone after these types of documents and even has installed what it calls digital mailroom applications. But, the new application introduces the ability to both track and manage better what comes into the door.

McCauley gave us the example of a customer of a bank applying for a loan and sending in the application in the mail. But, in this case, the customer is a foreign citizen and doesn’t realize that the loan application required a picture of his passport is included. With Kofax Mailroom Automation, the bank would be notified that a piece was missing and the customer could even automatically be sent a correspondence asking for a copy of the passport. “The problem with many [capture-only] digital mailroom solutions is that they end up sending an incomplete or erroneous set of documents to a line of business applications, where someone has to deal with it there.”

There are also some other new features around tracking and monitoring all mail in Kofax Mailroom Automation. Pricing will be based strictly on page count and will embrace Kofax’s multi-channel capture philosophy. 

More in next week’s issue of DIR!

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