Kofax Introduces New "Elite" Version of VRS

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Not sure how Kofax is going to market this, or how it fits in with the VRS Standard and Professional lines, but the new VRS Elite version certainly has some intriguing features. These include centralized licensing for better control over distributed capture apps, device monitoring capabilties, and automatic profile creation, as well as some improved image processing algorithms.

VRS, of course, has been a tremendously successful product for Kofax over the years, basically creating the market for grayscale thresholding on document images. It’s bundled with scanners from leading vendors like Fujitsu, Kodak (on the products picked up from Bell + Howell) and Canon, and many shops have standardized on it. However, last year’s decline in scanner sales definitely hit Kofax’s VRS business, and despite some discussion about, Kofax still hasn’t found a way to really leverage VRS in MFP scanning environments- which account for an ever-increasing segement of the capture market. We hope to have more coverage of VRS Elite in an upcoming premium edition.

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