Kofax Lands $2 Million Deal

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During Kofax’s third-quarter financials conference call, CEO Reynolds Bish certainly expressed confidence that the Irvine, CA-based document capture and BPM ISV would rebound strongly in the fourth quarter. A couple of large wins indicate that Bish’s predictions may be on target. A little more than a week after announcing a $5 million sale to “an agency of the U.S. government [that] has selected Kofax for a large scale, nationwide capture project,” Kofax has followed up by announcing a sale exceeding $2 million to “a top 10 global banking group headquartered in Western Europe.”

The deal is an extension of a current Kofax implementation and includes Capture, Transform, and Monitor licenses. In addition to helping Kofax reach Bish’s Q4 goal of $69 million in revenue from Kofax’s “core capture business,” the deal should help boost Kofax’s European sales, which have been sluggish as of late.

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