Kofax Lands Large Distributed Capture Deal

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Sorry for all the three posts in one day, but I’ve been working fairly heads down on a project for someone and haven’t had a chance to post, even though I’ve seen some interesting news move. This story is another example – it’s about Kofax landing a $400,000 deal with Rohm and Haas, a Philadelphia-based manufacturer of chemical products and materials and a subsidiary of Dow Chemical.

I guess the cool part of this implementation to me, at least, is that it’s one of those combo distributed/centralized capture applications I’ve been talking about, where the user captures the paper at the distributed sites, but then does the data entry centrally. I think this is more common that people in the industry generally admit, especially as the MFP capture people try to introduce more intelligence at the device.

This is the first large deal in a long time that I remember that Kofax announced that doesn’t include the Kofax Transformation modules – the automated data capture stuff. Rather its for VRS, Kofax Capture, and Kofax Monitor, presumably for ensuring quality images are captured at the distributed sites, so key entry (or another vendor’s data capture product) can be used at the central site on a million invoices and other financial documents a year.

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