Kofax Names New CFO

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Kofax has named a new CFO. I’ll offer a few thoughts on this:
1. Kofax originally appointed a North American-based CFO in 2008, before announcing the following month that Stefan Gaiser, who resides in Germany, would retain the position after all. CEO Reynolds Bish, has, of course, moved the headquarters of the company from Europe to Irvine, CA, so a Southern, CA-based CFO makes sense. While the new CFO, Jamie Arnold, doesn’t appear to have been based in SoCo with his former two employers, Nuance (which is in MA) and Informix (which was in Silicon Valley), he’s a lot closer to getting to Irvine that Gaiser was. Gaiser, who has been with Kofax since 2000, will stay on until the end of the year.
2. Arnold’s last job listed in the press release was with Nuance, where he was CFO through a number of acquisitions. Could his hiring mean that Kofax, which constantly rumored to be an acquisition target, is actually planning to become a more aggressive acquirer?
3. Of course, turning that on its ear, Arnold also worked for  Informix from 1997-2003, a business that was eventually acquired by IBM. And, IBM has been a long-rumored suitor of Kofax.

Read into all that what you will. The only certainty seems to be that Kofax now has a North American-based CFO. Oh yes, and yesterday, it announced the largest software licensing deal in the history of the company: $4.4 million deal, $3.8 million in software.

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