Kofax Stock on the Rise

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Not sure what is going on at the Kofax’s European user/reseller event being held this week in Barcelona, but since Friday the company’s stock value has risen more than 12%. Kofax, which is based in Irvine, CA, but traded on the London Stock Exchange due to its roots as a European hardware distributor (Dicom, which bought U.S.-based ISV Kofax in 1999), closed today with a value of 325 British pounds per share and a market cap of close to $440 million US dollars (up more than 20% from when current Kofax CEO Reynolds Bish was hired in late 2007.)

There was this announcement, which sums up some of the improvements made in various Kofax products like VRS, the KTM modules, and the MarkView for Accounts Payable software acquired with 170 Systems, but it doesn’t seem like anything major. We’ll look forward to catching up with Kofax execs at next week’s North American Transform event. Hopefully we’ll have better luck getting there than we did this week, when editor Ralph Gammon was grounded in Erie, PA on his way to the Laserfiche Institute event in LAX.

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