Kofax , Top Image Land Large Census Contracts

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Kofax landed theirs with the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics. It’s a $1.9 million deal that includes Kofax Capture, VRS, and the KTM data capture modules. According to the press release, the implementation will be used to “process approximately 700 million documents used for statistical data collection from over 460 cities each year in the world’s fourth most populous country.” (I didn’t realize Indonesia had that large of a population. Jakarta, the capital, has almost 10 million people.) Also, to “scan and capture data from surveys, census forms and other statistics related documents and then export the images and data to an SAP system to be used as a repository and for access by employees.”

TIS, which has worked on multiple census projects throughout the world over the past 10 years, recently landed the German Census. TIS’ “eFLOW platform will be used  to digitally capture and process approximately 180 million questionnaire pages by seven statistical offices.” Census projects that TIS has completed include Argentina 2011, Belarus 2010, Brazil 2000, Cyprus 2002, Czech Republic 2011, Hong Kong  2001 and 2006, India 2002 and 2011, Ireland 2002, 2006, and 2011, Italy 2002, Kenya 2000, Romania 2011, Scotland 2011, Slovak Republic 2001 and 2011, Slovenia 2006, South Africa 2001, South Africa  2007 and 2011, Thailand 2010, Turkey 1997 and 2000, and Vietnam 2009.

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